—“Grab your closest friends, make a post-show dinner reservation, and head to Capital Fringe’s Good & Kissed for a night out that will make you laugh, cry, and spur your own stories of loss and redemption. Good & Kissed is an autobiographical one-woman show performed and written by Miranda Jonte, with direction and script development support from Chelsea Thaler… This show has the makings of something truly wonderful.” -DC Metro Theater Arts, on Good & Kissed by Miranda Jonte, 2019

—“A white door frame does a terpsichorean turn alongside human dancers in Through the Wall, an attractive, poignant new dance-theater piece. Collaboratively created by writer-director Chelsea Thaler, choreographer-director Meredith Barnes and composer Mark Platenberg. Presented by DanceArtTheater, the 50-minute work muses on the idea of change. The doorway, which the gray- and black-clad dancers pass through, pose in and generally manhandle, is a visible metaphor for the motif.” -The Washington Post, on Through The Wall by Chelsea Thaler, choreography by Meredith Barnes, music by Mark Platenberg, 2018

—"Chelsea Thaler’s direction is seamless...She keeps the audience engaged the entire way through with subtle and evocative use of space" -DC Theatre Scene, I Am The Gentry by Cara Gabriel, 2015

—"Chelsea Thaler’s direction keeps things moving smoothly as we follow Gabriel’s youthful, optimistic house hunting days, to run-ins with prostitutes, pit-bulls, and police."-DC Metro Theater Arts, on I Am The Gentry, 2015





—"In the role, Chelsea Thaler brings to the production a much- needed dose of unconditional, judgment-free love." DC Theatre Scene, 2016

—"Sixteen year-old Savannah, played with a fun sense of youthful impetuosity by Chelsea Thaler, takes it all in stride." DC Metro Theater Arts, 2016

—"Goading one minute; endearing and profound the next, Thaler captures the mysterious paradox of the American adolescent." MD Theatre Guide, 2016